5 Winter Dog-Walking Essentials

Winter is here, and although you’d probably like to stay bundled up inside where it’s nice and warm, your dog still needs to get out for some exercise. If you’re fortunate enough to have a treadmill, you may not have to brave the elements. But, if you’re like many of us, you must hit the pavement or the trails. So, here are five winter dog-walking essentials to make those walks easier and more enjoyable.

Doggie Jacket

You wear a coat in the winter and so should your dog. Certain breeds of dogs like Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies, and Saint Bernards are built for cold weather. These types of dogs have longer outer coats and thick undercoats, which help to keep them insulated in cold weather. Other dogs, like those with shorter hair and smaller bodies, are more vulnerable in winter weather. In both instances, it’s best to err on the side of caution and keep your dog warm during cold weather walks. A doggie jacket can help keep him comfortable in the rain and snow and make his walk more enjoyable.

If your dog tolerates cold weather well, you might prefer a doggy raincoat instead. It’s not as insulating as a doggie jacket, but it will keep the rain off your four-legged friend. With this option,  you won’t have to worry about him shaking water all over you when you return home from your walk.

Doggie Booties

Never heard of booties for dog paws? If you live in an area that gest snow regularly, you should. Dog paws get cold too, and they are subject to frostbite and other cold-weather ailments like chapping. Waterproof booties can help prevent these things. They’ll also help to make your dog more comfortable during a winter weather walk.

Some bootie brands also provided added traction for dog paws, to help with slipping on icy walkways and sidewalks. After all, it wouldn’t be fun for either of you to be slipping and sliding down the street. 

Dog Paw Balm or Wax

Some dogs don’t tolerate booties as well as others, and cold weather can do to dog noses and pads what it does to human lips—dry them out. In this case, dog paw balm can help prevent and soothe chapped and cracked paw pads.


A leash is necessary for the safety of your dog as well as others. In winter weather, rain, ice and snow can make it harder for your dog to navigate your usual path walking path. And even if your dog is well-trained and unlikely to run away, he could still become disoriented and get lost.

Snow-covered bodies of water are treacherous. Frozen lakes, ponds, and rivers are worse.

If you’re walking near these types of hazards, the safest option is to keep your dog leashed to prevent an undesirable situation. 

We’ve heard too many stories of dogs needing to be rescued from icy lakes because they wandered onto thin ice.

Poop Bags and Dispenser

There’s nothing worse than stepping in doggie poop left behind by a bad dog owner. With so many refillable doggy bag dispensers on the market, there’s no reason not to clean up after your dog. 

Keep a handing doggy waste bag dispenser at the ready for all your walks. They even come with a handy clip to attach to your leash, so you never have to leave your house without one. 

And, don’t forget to reward your dog after a winter walk with an all-natural  Beauty’s Biscuits treat. Available in peanut butter pumpkin, turmeric and pumpkin soothers flavors.