How Pumpkin Can Soothe Your Dog's Stomach

There may come a time when your dog has tummy issues. Maybe he ate something he shouldn’t have, or he’s sensitive to certain foods, or perhaps he’s stressed and his stomach is responding to it.


Canned pumpkin is a helpful, natural remedy to help soothe your dog’s upset stomach. It can help with indigestion, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. Read on to learn how pumpkin can help keep your pup’s system functioning at peak performance.

How Pumpkin Settles Your Dog’s Stomach

Pumpkin contains tons of fiber, vitamins, and minerals that are not only good for dogs, but the fiber bulks up the stool by absorbing its water content. This fiber also feeds the good bacteria that line his digestive tract, making a healthy microbiome. With the balance restored, his system can do a better job of fighting off bad bacteria.

Signs and Symptoms of Upset Stomach

You might not notice when your dog has an upset stomach. His behavior might be a little different and he might be a little less active. But, here’s are common symptoms in a dog with an upset stomach:


  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Eating Grass
  • Decrease or loss of appetite
  • Salivating
  • Dehydration
  • Loud gurgling stomach sounds
  • Gassiness


These symptoms may be signs of other conditions, so use caution when trying to alleviate an upset stomach. If any of the symptoms are prolonged or accompanied by other issues, you should seek medical treatment for your dog.

Ways to Use Pumpkin

Pumpkin is low in sugar with a low glycemic index. It takes longer to digest, allowing it time to work on your dog’s system.


For the best results, veterinarians recommend half a teaspoon for dogs around five pounds, dogs and one tablespoon for up to 75 pounds. You can adjust according to size and weight.


Your dog may not respond to a spoonful of pumpkin pie mix, so you can disguise it by mixing it in his food.

Other Ways to Combat Stomach Issues

Since there are numerous causes of doggy indigestion and upset stomach you might want to take additional measures to tame your pet’s tummy.


Stick to Dog Food


It may be tempting to feed your furry friend from the table. But human food is fattier and contains more sugar and additives than food formulated for dogs. These additional ingredients can disrupt his digestive system and can lead to excessive weight gain requiring your dog to be put on a special diet.


Learn His Stress Triggers


Just like humans, dogs have stresses and anxieties. Have you changed your routine? Did the family go on vacation and leave him at home, with a sitter or at a kennel? Any number of conditions can increase your dog’s stress level.


If you notice your dog’s behavior changes when certain events occur this may cause an upset stomach. For example, if your dog chews your shoes when you have gatherings of unfamiliar people in your home, or he chews the couch when you’ve been gone for more than eight hours, he might be stressed.


Throw the Bones Away


Many people believe it’s only chicken bones that dogs shouldn’t have. But, it’s all bones. Those that have been cooked, that is. It’s permissible for dogs to have a raw bone every now and then. They’re soft enough for your dog to chew and digest,  but keep in mind, if your dog is a gulper instead of a chewer, a bone be a choking hazard.


Throw away the cooked bones, and ensure your dog doesn’t nose through the trash looking for scraps.

Try Pumpkin Soothers

Most people don’t keep canned pumpkin on hand. And, it expires soon after opening, so if you don’t have a plan for it it might be a waste.


You can also use Beauty’s Biscuits Pumpkin Soothers to help settle your dog’s stomach. With the power of the pumpkin in a healthy and tasty treat your dog will love these biscuits are great to keep on hand. Especially if your dog frequently has an upset stomach.


They have a longer shelf life and can be stored in the fridge to maintain freshness.