3 Natural Pet & Family Safe Cleaning Supplies for your Home.

When you have a pet, children or both, at any time your house may be covered in you name it. Dirt, drool, sticky fingers, hair the possibilities are endless. 

Making sure you are using a safe, chemical free solution, isn’t just safe for your pets, it’s safe for you and your family.

Chemical Free Cleaning Solutions  

  • Vingar and Water Solution 

What I love about this option is, you can choose the strength of the solution. 50:50 Water to Vingar ration with a few drops of essential oil like Lavender or Lemon will leave your home smelling delightful. 

  • Enzymatic Cleaners 

Enzymatic cleaners are a non-toxic cleaning agent that is chemical free. This cleaner breaks stains down with natural enzymes. Stains are removed, it even works on odors, the enzymes neutralize the odor naturally. There are many solutions out there that do a variety of things. I recently used an amazing enzyme cleaning solution from Etee. 

  • Thieves by Young Living 

Thieves smells amazing! It is a natural cleaning solution made with Young Living’s 100% pure essential oils. It’s smells of Citus, Lemon, Pine and Christmas. 

I perfer not to use harsh chemicals in my home. I have 2 dogs and 2 children. Cleaning is never ending. I use all three suggestions in my home to protect my pack and keep our home clean. 

What cleaning solutions do you use?