What Plants are Safe and Beneficial for my Pets

Spring is finally here. If you're like me or many others you may want to grow your own food, and start a spring, fall, or just a anytime garden. 

If you are a pet owner, you need to take your animals into consideration when deciding what to grow or plant. I want to plant a sensory garden for my girls (Beauty & Nora), plants that have beneficial effects for my dogs yet stimulate there senses. 


Here is a list of plants that are safe for your fury friends and great for you also. 



Anytime my daughter smells dill, she thinks of pickles. Dill is a wonderful herb to grow, and have in your home garden, its easy to grow without a lot of assistance. You can add dill to dips, salads, rubs or use for pickling. Dill is a little pricey at the local store for the minimal amount of the herb you're given. Grow dill at home, in a pot or herb box. Dill is safe for both Cats and Dogs. 



Basil is a staple herb in every garden. Basil is used in almost every Italian dish; Pesto, Tomato Sauce (Gravy), Pizza, Bruschetta, Lasagna, you name it, its absolutely delicious. Basil comes in varieties and flavors. I've grown, Thai Basil, Purple Basil, and Italian Basil. The smell of the basil leaves are amazing, a little goes a long way with this herb. 



Thyme is a simple herb to grown and have in the garden, you wont use this herb often but when you do, it brings flavor to the table. Thyme has many medical benefits also its said to help alleviate diarrhea, stomach ache, arthritis, and sore throat. You can use, the leaves, the flower and the oil. 



I didn't realize I was a lavender fan until i started using lavender oil essential oils, it has a calming and euphoric effect. This also works for dogs, your dogs can benefit from the calming and soothing effects. I am planting this herb in my garden tomorrow. 



I notice my dogs outside eating grass from time to time. I was under the impression they were eating grass due to an upset stomach, or for a vitamin deficiency. There are many theories out there. You can growing barley grass for your pets, its said to sooth upset stomachs. There is also wheat grass dogs and cats alike like wheat grass its a good source of nutrients and vitamins. 


If you decide to have a garden make sure you research what plants are safe or unsafe for your pets. Better safe than sorry. Happy Gardening.